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New RANGE CRUISER RC10 - News - OCQUETEAU shipyard : production, purchase and sale of powerboat, motorboat & Sailboat



Discover the new RC10, an exclusive and powerful sport cruiser.

Designed by one of the most famous car designer, this sport cruiser is compact - for performance - while the most spacious in its class - for your comfort.

Specifications alone have been a challenge:

- Sports cruiser with Flybridge in the 10 m/30 knots class

- Biggest Flybridge of its class with almost 12 m²

- Enlarged owner's bedroom with central bed

- Uncompromising sea behavior

- Innovative and exclusive Style

Without the experience of OCQUETEAU, without the help and the generosity of Donato Coco, this challenge would never has been taken up.
With 400 to 600 hp, a huge Flybridge and a hull, both vacuum infused to lower the center of gravity and ensure exemplary marine behavior, two sunbeds, a front sofa, three double beds, exclusive style, the RC10 is fulfilling these specifications and providing benefits that have not been previously found below 12-14m. She will welcome in a royal comfort, 6 people for cruises of several hundred miles.
A first series of 10 numbered / signed is forecasted and will receive a particularly refined treatment.

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