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To go and return from your fishing locations as fast as possible, enjoying a complete set of equipment, that is the mission of the OSTREA 600 sport fishing pilotehouse boat.

For that, you can count on the legendary sea abilities of the Ocqueteau motorboats and their IFH hull made of glassfiber/wood/honeycomb vacuum infused sandwich.

Its full flat deck around the pilothouse makes it one of the best fishing outboard powerboat of the moment.

The unparalleled charm of the OSTREA 600: when tradition and technology give birth to a modern-day traditional fishing boat, powered by speedboat up to 150 hp.
Its fully flat deck around the pilothouse gives you all the necessary space, with a bulge height (balcony included) greater than 0.75 m on the entire perimeter of the boat for your safety, in any weather. In the cockpit, its many large chests allow you to store your equipment. Its 4 rod holders in stainless steel are essential for any fisherman: a rack can even be added on the cap of pilotine. The equipment can be completed by a fishpound. The pilothouse offers you a practical shelter against the wind, the sun and the rain, and hides des still more storage!

Her sea-keeping is exemplary, by chopy sea in particular. Her IFH hull made of glassfiber/wood/honeycomb vacuum infused sandwich guarantees exceptional rigidity and lightness. This is why OSTREA 600 is rated to 150 hp, while a 100 hp proccure her already excellent performance (with max 30 and 22 knots cruise) for exemplary consumption (up to one third less than their competitors).

Example e performance measured by flat sea, alone on board, without antifouling or optional equipment, MERCURY 115 CT engine: 30 knots; HONDA BF 115: 31 knots; EVIRUDE G2- 150 HO: 40 knots.

Did you know ? Why windshields of OSTREA are reversed? If this configuration has become a style mark of OSTREA this is not the main reason. The rain and the spray are evacuated much more quickly with an inverted windshield. The relative wind of the speed of the boat pushes the water film on the surface of the windshield towards the rear and therefore downwards if it is reversed. The wind therefore completes the action of gravity which also causes the rain to fall and the water to flow downwards and therefore backward. If we add the fact that the pivot of the windshield wiper is at the top of the windshield and that, consequently, the centrifugal force that the windshield wiper prints with water is carried outwards of circle then, again, downwards and backwards, we understand that, in the reverse windshield confirguration, all interactions add up instead of being opposed. Finally, the inverted position of the windshield makes it possible to have a cap in the shape of a true sun visor, well advanced. In short: that benefits!
That's it, you know why the inverted windshields offer a much better visibility, in case of rain as in case of sun!

O600 Review by S Everett - Salt Water Boat Angling





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Type :
Leisure boat - Pilotehouse outboard
Length over all:
6,20 m
Hull Length:
5,99 m
Hull Beam:
2,45 m
0,32 m
Cockpit dimensions:
L 1,76 x l 2,04 m
Headroom in the wheelhouse:
1,90 m
Light displacement:
900 kg
Max engine power:
150 HP / 110 kW
CE Certification:
C7 people
Number of sleeps:

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