The ideal fishing platform

Devoted to fishing, the OSTREA 700pilotehouse  is a typical inboard fishing motor boat from OCQUETEAU and capitalises on the 50-year plus experience of the shipyard in this sector.

Maybe the best fishing boat of its class ! Judge by yourself:

. Inboard high pressure turbo diesel engine up to 270 HP;

. Full walk-around flat deck;

. IFH Vaccum infused fiberglass wood and honeycomb hull;

. Four seats and two berth pilothouse;

. Elected boat of the year by french MoteurBoat Magazine.


Its excellent sea abilities would be nothing without its totally flat deck around the pilothouse and its high freeboard, that provides safety even in rough seas, nor without its IFH * hull to the unparalleled robustness. With the OSTREA 700 inboard you will go out more often, all year long, safely and comfortably. These essential qualities for a fishing helmsman were consecrated by his election "Motor Boat 2014".

In 200 hp or 270 hp UNLIMITED versions, the power and torque of its inboard diesel engine ensure 28 and up to 33 knots. Sufficient performance that he knows how to accomplish the most economically possible. Its accelerations surpass all the outboard of the market of the same power (6.5 seconds from 0 to 20 knots in version 200 CV) ... Not to mention a cruising speed largely superior in practice, in particular as soon as the sea is formed , thanks to the qualities of its hull and its inboard shaft drive architecture. And finally, exemplary consumption thanks to the lightness of IFH technology and the sobriety of its latest-generation turbo-diesel engines.

Professional fisherman, sport fisherman or hedonist in love with the sea, you will find in the OSTREA 700 all that you expect from an authentic fishing helmsman. But fishing is just one of its charms, thanks to the space on board, the power of its engine and its forward cabin with two berths, you can easily indulge in water skiing or diving and to share it with your whole family.
Did you know ? Why windshields of OSTREA are reversed? If this configuration has become a style mark of OSTREA this is not the main reason. The rain and the spray are evacuated much more quickly with an inverted windshield. The relative wind of the speed of the boat pushes the water film on the surface of the windshield towards the rear and therefore downwards if it is reversed. The wind therefore completes the action of gravity which also causes the rain to fall and the water to flow downwards and therefore backward. If we add the fact that the pivot of the windscreen wiper is at the top of the windshield and that, consequently, the centrifugal force that the ice wiper impresses with the water is exerted towards the outside of the windscreen. circle then, again, downwards and backwards, we understand that, in the reverse windshield confirguration, all interactions add up instead of being opposed. Finally, the inverted position of the windshield makes it possible to have a cap in the shape of a true sun visor, well advanced. In short: that benefits! Professionals like the Nordics understand that.
That's it, you know why the inverted windshields offer a much better visibility, in case of rain as in case of sun!

* IFH sandwich in fiberglass sandwich - wood - honeycomb infused under vacuum, guaranteeing rigidity up to ten times greater than that of conventional hulls and light weight saving of more than 20% for better performance with reduced consumption.


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Length over all:
6,92 m
Hull Length:
6,72 m
Hull Beam:
2,65 m
0,83 m
Cockpit dimensions:
L 2,14 x l 2,25 m
Headroom in the wheelhouse:
1,95 m
Light displacement:
1750 kg
Engine power Std (optional):
150 HP / 111 kW -v270 HP / 200 kW
CE Certification:
C8 people
Number of sleeps:

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vue transversale


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