For extrem adventurers : an OPEN boat with T-TOP

The OSTREA 600 T-TOP  is an open motorboat based on the excellent hull of the OSTREA 600 fishing boat, realized in vacum infusion and fiberglass, offering almost indestructibility and an optimal center of gravity, for exceptional sea abilities, in particular in rought sea.

A walk aroud deck, everything around the boat for the safety, large lockers, a large-sized anchor locker for the ease of use …
Highly-rated driving and life on board, a beautiful console offers you a fantastic view over the sea;

Propped up well in the leaning post, numerous storage are treated carefully.

Srandard T-Top, in stainless tube of 48 and 33 mm and windscreen on silent blocks protect you from the sun and the bad weather with a devastating look!
Max power of 200 HP for an authorized WOT speed of 50 knots! Really exciting whatever is the program: pure fishing, day cruiser, water-skiing, Wake.

The 600T-Top? A real powerboat adventurer 4X4 seas, solidly built and assembled in our shipyard of Oléron for you by our companions an fitted with an IFH hull made of glassfiber/wood/honeycomb sandwich vacuum infused.

No useless options, that options really necessary for the navigation and the solids. It is sure, this motorboat is made to cut of the mile during of numerous years …


Example of performance measured by flat sea, alone on board without antifouling or optional equipment, engine MERCURY VERADO 200 propeller 19 inches: 44 knots.

Test  O600 T-Top Moteur Boat Test O600 T-Top Hors-Bord Magazine Test O600 T-Top Pêche et Bateaux

Video Test Moteur Boat




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Type :
Leisure boat - open T-Top outboard
Length over all:
6,20 m
Hull Length:
5,99 m
Hull Beam:
2,45 m
0,32 m
Cockpit dimensions:
L 1,76 x l 2,04 m
Headroom in the wheelhouse:
1,90 m
Light displacement:
900 kg
Max engine power:
200 HP / 148 kW
CE Certification:
C7 people
Number of sleeps:




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