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News - OCQUETEAU shipyard : production, purchase and sale of powerboat, motorboat & Sailboat

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Many of you have asked us about the arrival of this new model!
Given the success of our OSTREA range, we are launching a new OSTREA, the OSTREA 800 Outboard, in two versions, the Pilotine version and the T-Top version.
This boat will again be a pleasure for the fishermen! A space on board without concession with a completely flat bridge, close to 8 m long (not subject to tax) for a width beyond 2.70, a lot of storage, no hindrance to traffic ... Everything to fish in 'Ease !!
Motorized up to 300cv * 1, a hull with a very pronounced V, a hull of course Infusion (IFH process, exclusive to the hulls OCQUETEAU), everything to go fishing with a boat that knows how to take the sea!
Fishing boat ... but not only! Those who accompany you may simply wish to enjoy the sea and the sun! Equipment "pure farniente" are also offered on this boat: cockpit lounge in different formats, front or rear sun baths ...
Some very first units will be available this coming summer, because some of you are looking forward and want to enjoy this season!
The boat will be revealed anyway to the next Grand Pavois of La Rochelle, from September 27 to October 2, 2017.
Our newest model is available in Pilotine version, from 47,791 euro (incl. VAT) with an EVINRUDE G2 150cv (48,791 in T-Top version) or 48,712 euro with a Honda 150cv (49,712 in T-Top version).
Do not hesitate to contact your dealer for further information.


We haven't invented the sea, just the lifestyle that goes with it...