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The OSTREA 700 was launched! - News - OCQUETEAU shipyard : production, purchase and sale of powerboat, motorboat & Sailboat

The OSTREA 700 was launched!


It’s the summer event of 2013

Rain or starshine , if you love fishing or not, if you are alone or with friends , this boat is for you.

Designed by enthusiasts since 60 years that makes Ocqueteau known as a myth, OSTREA 700 is a wheelhouse, genuine and traditional. Its charm, versatility and refinement design, the  endurance of its  150 hp diesel engine and the sea passage of the hull, make it a dream boat that will offer you safely, unforgettable moments.

You can find More information about it  in the “nouveautés” on Youtube.


image image image


Your dealer network is waiting for you to present it .


... And for fans of mobility, l’Abaco 16  remains the smart solution:

Click on the photo to view it in a full size:


Finally, to finish the next film reveals some exclusive features of the design, manufacture and testing of Ocqueteau boats:


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Our offices will be  closed during hollidays from  the 1st  august to  the 31th.

We wish you a good navigation and We see you soon


We haven't invented the sea, just the lifestyle that goes with it...