The new reference for sport fishermen !

To go and return from your fishing spots as fast as possible, but safely, to enjoy more space and a complete set of equipment, that is the mission of the new OSTREA 800 sport fishing pilothouse boat.

You will find back all the charming look of the OSTREA 600 but with more space and more power, to go faster further ! It is a marvellous mix between traditional fishing boat architecture and IFH technology (IFH hull made of glassfiber/wood/honeycomb vacuum infused sandwich), which will offer you a efficient boat, confortable as well, with a motorisation up to 300 HP for top performances !

The new OSTREA 800 Pilothouse will offer you more space with a large cockpit and a huge flat walk-around, a height of bulwark (balcony included) over 0.75m all around the boat for more safety. Her cockpit, her numerous and large lockers and her wet bait tank are completely dedicated to fishing. Her pilothouse for 4 seated people, her 2 berths, and even more lockers will offer you great confort.

With 20° hull angle at the transom, you can rely on her sea behaviour. Thanks to its light IFH hull it also reach more than 30 knots with only 150 HP and almost 45 knots with 300 HP.

Example of performance measured by flat sea, alone on board without antifouling or optional equipment, engine HONDA BF 250 ADXU satainless steel propreller 3x14.75x18 inches : 39 knots. Consumption at 3500 rpm and 21knots : 23 L/H or 1.1 L/nm.




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Type :
Leisure boat - Pilotehouse outboard
Length over all:
7,80 m
Hull Length:
6,99 m
Hull Beam:
2,735 m
0,39 m
Cockpit dimensions:
L 1,68 x l 2,27 m
Headroom in the wheelhouse:
1,90 m
Light displacement:
1700 kg
Max engine power:
300 HP / 220 kW (400 HP optional)
CE Certification:
C8 people
Number of sleeps:




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