• Autonomy
    110 nm
  • Maximum speed
    Maximum speed
    25/35 kts
  • Eco speed
    Eco speed
    20 kts
  • Capacity
    C/8 people
  • Engine-inbord
    150/270 HP





Devoted to fishing and sports, the OSTREA 700 is a typical inboard fishing motorboat from OCQUETEAU and capitalises on the 50-year plus experience of the shipyard in this sector.

The OSTREA 700 T-TOP is the only OPEN inboard diesel engine boat with T-Top available on the market. It revives the legend of Olympio 700 used around the world by fishing clubs, diving clubs, fishermen and the most demanding professionals.

The excellent marine behavior of its IFH * hull with its unparalleled robustness and its high free-flying safety edges thanks to the out-of-sea sail made it possible to validate from the first prototype a maximum power of 300 hp.
Nearly 30 knots and 6 seconds 1/2 for accelerations 0-20 knots with 200 hp **: better than the reference, the OSTREA 600 T-TOP VERADO 200 which requires 7.8 seconds for the 0-20 knots! Nearly 35 knots with 270 hp **, an ICOMIA consumption of less than 13 liter / hour and the reliability of diesel inboard in addition! The OSTREA 700 T-TOP is made to carve miles safely, from all seas, to quickly go from one fishing spot or dive to another, play in the waves, shoot a wake or a skier on a beautiful wake or take his friends to discover enchanting places.
High-tech boat, its architecture was designed to optimize around a completely flat deck, an activity area at the back (fishing, diving, etc.) convertible into a real dining room thanks to a double removable table for 6 people, an elevated center console dedicated to driving with stainless T-TOP standard, and a relaxation area at the front decorated with a sunbath adjustable table for four guests!
For the adventurous, he has kept, from the OSTREA 700 INBOARD, a double extra bed and a WC corner accessible by the large console front door mounted on double pneumatic cylinders.
Professional fishing guide, sport fisherman or hedonist in love with the sea, you will find in the OSTREA 700 T-TOP this particular atmosphere of power and serenity, hair in the wind with an engine that knows how to be as discreet as you offer extreme sensations ...

* optional

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OSTREA 700 TTOP OPEN Fishing with OSTREA 700 T-TOP UNLIMITED Double table cockpit OSTREA 700 pour 6 personnes OSTREA 700 TTOP : table avant pour 6 personnes Bain de soleil OSTREA 700 OCQUETEAU OSTREA 700 TTOP : Méridienne grand format OCQUETEAU OSTREA 700 T6-TOP MAUMUSSON OSTREA 700 TTOP OPEN

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Type : Leisure boat - Pilotehouse outboard
Length over all: 6,92 m
Hull Length: 6,72 m
Hull Beam: 2,65 m
Draught: 0,83 m
Cockpit dimensions: L 2,14 x l 2,25 m
Headroom under T-TOP: 2,0 m
Light displacement: 1750 kg
Engine power Std (optional): 150 HP / 111 kW (270 HP / 200 kW)
CE Certification: C8 people
Number of sleeps: 2



We haven't invented the sea, just the lifestyle that goes with it...