• Autonomy
    145 nm
  • Maximum speed
    Maximum speed
    25-30 kts
  • Eco speed
    Eco speed
    17 kts
  • Capacity
    C/8 people
  • Engine
    200-270 HP


Classic, classy, timeless

TIMONIER 745 motorboat maintains a design that will never be out of fashion and offers flexibility and charm.

Its 24 foot of pure elegance are spread across a large cockpit, a panoramic saloon that transforms into a double room, an independent cabin and toilet, a door and full sliding windows for optimum ventilation in the summer.

Her large cockpit facilitates the practice of fishing. As a family, it can accommodate the youngest and practice most water activities such as diving, skiing, etc.
The technology of its inboard turbo-diesel engine with high-pressure direct injection guarantees economy and fire safety (essential for a cruise ship) and with 200 HP you can cross quickly at a moderate speed in comfort. The gain in consumption offered, allows both to reduce the ecological footprint and to absorb in cruise use the additional cost of the purchase.

Its IFH OCQUETEAU hull in vacuum-infused glass / wood / honeycomb sandwich - a guarantee of excellent marine behavior and performance - also contributes significantly to comfort by eliminating most of the vibrations and thus dampening the transmission of noises allowing a noise reduction of several decibels compared to conventional TIMONIERS without IFH hulls (whether outboard or inboard).

With 160 miles of autonomy at 20 knots, you can leave without worries, at eight for day trips, for a lunch with friends, or four with family for long cruises to enchanting places. Moments of unforgettable happiness in sight.



     Timonier 745    Timonier 745 Timonier 745           TIMONIER 745 OCQUETEAU Moteur YANMAR 180 HP Ligne d'arbre TIMONIER 745 shaft driven


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Type : Leisurfe boat - Pilotehouse inboard
Length over all: 7,34 m
Hull Length: 6,99 m
Hull Beam: 2,74 m
Draught: 0,86 m
Cockpit dimensions: L 2,47 x l 2,35 m
Headroom in the wheelhouse: 1,96 m
Light displacement: 2000 kg
Max engine power: 270 HP / 200 kW
CE Certification: C8 people
Number of sleeps: 3 adults + 1 children

We haven't invented the sea, just the lifestyle that goes with it...